Send Files to Production

Need to send us files. No Problem... Use the form below to give us your email address along with a brief description of your project. Then use a browse button to locate the files on your computer. Press the Send Files to FitzMC button to complete your send. To make the file upload go faster, zip or stuff your files into a single compressed file before sending. If you you have any trouble, please contact us at 773.565.1519.

A Note About Your Files

We accept a wide variety of file types and support both PC and Mac platforms. We prefer Adobe CS Suite and Quark files, but can accommodate other file types depending on the reproduction requirements.

When sending us your files be sure to collect or package all of the elements that comprise your project:
  • Page Layout Files - Quark/InDesign
  • Fonts - Adobe, True Type & Open
  • Images - jpg, tiff, psd
  • Art - eps & ai

Please be sure that your files are setup in the correct color mode for the intended use. Most of the time your files will need to be in CMYK and/or Spot Color for high resolution digital or offset reproduction. If you are not sure which color mode, reach out to us and we will guide you.

To make sure your images are crisp and clear it is best if your image resolution is at or above 300 dpi at the intended output size. Resolution lower than 300 dpi can appear grainy or pixelated on the final output.

As always, we are here to help, so give us a shout at 773.565.1519 and we will get you setup!