Fitzgerald Marketing & Communications Rewards Employees with Donations to the Charitable Organizations of their Choice

CHICAGO, Illinois (December 2, 2016) — Fitzgerald Marketing & Communications (FitzMC), a comprehensive provider of innovative marketing services, participated in #GivingTuesday by donating a total of $4,300 to 19 charitable in organizations. These by 19 organizations were chosen by FitzMC employees and consisted of human services, civil rights, animal welfare, healthcare, education and research charities.

For #GivingTuesday 2016, FitzMC allocated each employee $200 to donate to the charitable organization of their choice.

FitzMC has always maintained a charitable heart by making donations to disaster relief, medical research, and local community organizations. In 2014, FitzMC adopted the idea of allowing each employee the opportunity to submit the name of an organization for FitzMC to donate to on their behalf. By extending the gifting selection to each employee, we made each donation personal.

Participating in #GivingTuesday is only part of FitzMC’s giving back philosophy. In the last 4 years alone we have donated more than $90,000 to organizations providing honorable services all over the world.

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